Leftist media publication Vice News is being accused of either wittingly, or unknowingly assisting police in locating murder suspect Michael Forest Reinoehl, who died in a shootout with law enforcement Thursday.

Vice ran an interview with Reinoehl Thursday, in which he claimed “self-defense” while essentially confessing to the murder of Patriot Prayer member Aaron “Jay” Danielson, saying he was justified in gunning down the Trump supporter because he felt threatened.

“Totally justified… had I not acted, I am confident that my friend and I’m I would have been killed because I wasn’t gonna stand there and let something happen,” Reinoehl admits in the interview.

Hours after the interview was published Thursday, news emerged that Reinhoehl was dead after engaging in a shootout with FBI and US Marshals who had attempted to apprehend him in Lacey, Washington, 120 miles away from Portland.

The timing of the arrest, almost immediately following Vice’s publication of its interview, led many to suspect Vice had been contacted by law enforcement and turned over Reinoehl’s location

Vice may have inadvertently led the feds to Reinoehl’s location,” tweeted OAN’s Jack Posobiec, later adding, “Wonder how they found him.”

“I wonder who at VICE snitched to the feds about Reinoehl’s location,” wrote Human Events editor Ian Miles Cheong, following up with another tweet commenting, “VICE got an Antifa militant killed. Hard hitting journalism.”

Others pointed out Reinoehl’s attack on police using an assault rifle discredited the self-defense narrative Vice was attempting to promote.

In a tone deaf tweet pushed out late Thursday promoting their interview following Reinoehl’s death, many Twitter users credited Vice with leading feds to him.

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