Vice presidential candidates Mike Pence and Tim Kaine went head-to-head Tuesday evening during the pair’s first debate of the election.

Watch highlights from Infowars coverage of the debate below:

Hillary Clinton’s VP Wants Amnesty For Illegals

Tim Kaine attempts to defend Hillary Clinton’s immigration platform despite its documented failures.

Tim Kaine Lies About Federalization Of Police

Tim Kaine espouses the virtues of community policing while the Democrat party does nothing but push racial division.

Hillary Created ISIS, Kaine Claims She Is Only One Who Can Stop Them

Tim Kaine claims Hillary Clinton is the only one who can defeat ISIS despite her policies be responsible for the group’s creation.

Kaine Brags About Hillary Restarting Cold War

Tim Kaine brags about sanctions Hillary Clinton helped impose on Russia but all that has done is push humanity closer to another world war.

Hillary Clinton’s Globalist Donors Exposed

Mike Pence goes after the Clinton foundation and exposes how Hillary used her position as Secretary of State to line her own pocket.

Busted! Hillary Will Raise Your Taxes

Tim Kaine attempts to defend Clinton’s tax plan despite her openly stating that she would raise taxes on the middle class.

VP Debate Moderator DESPERATELY Tries To Censor Truth

Vice presidential debate moderate Elaine Quijano had to scramble frantically to cut off Mike Pence as he brought up Hillary Clinton’s personal server.

The Only Choice Democrats Give: Killing Your Child

Tim Kaine claims that he is pro-choice but the Democrat party are only pro-choice when it comes to murdering children.

How Hillary Could Start Nuclear War

Tim Kaine defends Hillary’s policy towards Russia that has done nothing but bring us closer to nuclear war.

Proof! Hillary Is Way More Dangerous Than Trump

Tim Kaine claims America would be safer if Clinton were to confront Putin and Russia despite her foreign policy always leading to disaster.

Trump VP Lays Out How Hillary Is Reignighting The Cold War

Mike Pence lays out how the deliberate missteps of Clinton and Obama have awaken the hibernating bear that is Russia and reignited the cold war.

Why Does Hillary’s VP Keep Interrupting Mike Pence?

Tim Kaine interrupts Mike Pence 5 times in less than 2 minutes to keep him from talking about foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation.

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