VICE is showcasing the fetish of formicophilia where people “incorporate insects into their sex lives.”

Yes, really.

A video uploaded to the hipster outlet’s YouTube channel features “two different people who enjoy playing with bugs (alone and with a partner) to find out what’s behind the fetish.”

As one of the “bug play” participants explains, “When I’m feeling insects crawling all over me, it creates this sensation that washes up and down my body that’s just pure pleasure and feeling that closeness with these creatures makes me feel wonderful and loved inside.”

At one point, they literally legitimize people putting worms inside their penis. For real.


The video has received twice as many thumbs down as thumbs up, with respondents decidedly queasy about what they just watched.

“This guy literally had sex with a can of worms. Let that sink in,” commented one.

“If I was a worm I think I’d prefer being fish bait,” added another.

VICE hasn’t published something this sick since they literally let a pedophile portray himself as the victim.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why the terrorists hate us.


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