VICE’s French website has celebrated the young people of France who have opted to get themselves permanently sterilised to “save the world.”

The website, whose English version recently published articles written by a convicted child molester and one anti-gun rights piece that claimed there are no “good guys with a gun”, sought out French men and women in their twenties and thirties who are deciding to go “child-free” in response to the “ecological emergency.”

Florence, 24, who was sterilised last year, told the author that “to have children has become an egoistic choice,” and warned that “the simple fact of living pollutes” the Earth.

As well as having a vasectomy, Sylvan, 34, has opted to live below the poverty line and foretells that people in the West must adopt certain requirements to stop climate change, including a “return to pre-industrial standards of living” and a “demographic decline”.

VICE also noted that some of the young, conscious-driven French they spoke to are worried about “animal exploitation” as a result of having children, while for the men, a vasectomy is a gesture of “feminist activism”.

“Children are forced to drink milk, finish their meat to be strong and adhere to norms,” David, 33, said. “This quality of life that we offer them is absolutely not worth living,” he added.

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