Antifa protesters marching at a counter-protest in Boston Saturday assaulted a woman holding the American flag and proceeded to pull and drag her along.

As seen in footage aired by Fox News, the woman is holding up the American flag while a group of black-clad anarchists marches by.

One of the masked protesters then lashes out and hits the woman and attempts to steal her flag, but ends up dragging the woman along instead.

The incident happened at a counter-protest in Boston where thousands of counter-protesters showed up to protest a relatively small Free Speech Rally.

Another video from the protest shows masked anarchists assaulting a Trump supporter.

Violence from Antifa is nothing new. The leftist group was accused of hurling bottles filled with urine, feces and cement at a protest in Charlottesville last week, in addition to smashing people in the head with bike locks and glass bottles at previous events.

Will the leftist media ever condemn this violence?

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