A woman who was the victim of a brutal gang rape attack in 2007 has spoken out about her ordeal and her attacker not being deported thanks to passengers aboard his flight.

The victim, known only as “Hannah”, spoke to the Mail on Sunday to recount the horrific attack, which occurred at a flat in Crouch End, London, when she was just 16 years old.

Yaqub Ahmed was one of four men who carried out the attack 12 years ago. The men reportedly lured the victim from a bar, telling her that her friend was at their flat. When she arrived her friend wasn’t there and the gang repeatedly assaulted her. She spoke of being held down by the gang as she was repeatedly raped and being punched in the face by one member as she resisted the attack.

She managed to escape and run out of the flat just as police arrived, thanks to neighbours having heard her cries for help. The four men were arrested at the scene. The men denied the attack but were convicted due to “extensive” DNA evidence. Three of the men received short 9-year prison sentences and a fourth received a shorter 8 years — even shorter than they first appear, considering criminals in the United Kingdom are typically released from prison “on licence” halfway through their sentences.

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