Viral report leads to officer’s suspension making new law even bigger political suicide
March 12, 2014

A Conn. police officer was suspended this week after viral reports exposed his public defense of door-to-door gun confiscation.

After passing new rifle registration mandates last January, Conn. lawmakers have been met with massive defiance on all fronts. In an exclusive interview with Storyleak last Monday, Navy veteran and firefighter John Cinque detailed his conversation with long-time associate Joseph Peterson, a highly decorated officer with the Branford Police Department.

“It happened on Facebook… he posted to a thread on my wall,” Cinque said. “I have known him personally for 20 years. He was interacting with other friends of mine and it was directly about the video.”

Multiple screenshots captured the officer’s astonishing remarks regarding mass gun confiscation, which he defended as legitimate and lawful.

“But like I said I didn’t make the law. But if it comes down to that then I guess we see how you would respond…” Peterson told Cinque. “I’m not going for any warrants… but if my dept gets them and we have to serve them I will see you then.”

Peterson even went on to tell a second firefighter, who disagreed with the officer’s statements, that he could not wait to knock down his door personally.

“I give my left nut to bang down your door and come for your gun,” Peterson said.

As the story went viral across social media, major public backlash ensued, resulting in Peterson’s suspension and an internal investigation as confirmed to Storleak by Police Capt. Geoffrey Morgan.

While the government continues to use social media as an oppressive spy tool, these same systems have also worked against them. Officer Peterson’s situation represents the ability of the alternative media and everyday Americans to expose corruption across the board.

Officer Peterson’s comments have shed even more light on the state’s Second Amendment battle, making implementation of the new law even bigger political suicide. While Conn. lawmakers contemplate their next move, the nation’s gun owners are now watching even closer.

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