An abortion doctor was arrested a week after pointing a handgun at a group of pro-life advocates outside his clinic.

Dr. Ronald Yunis of Phoenix, Arizona, was captured on video pointing a handgun from his Tesla vehicle at local pro-life activist Elvis Kesto, who was demonstrating outside the Acacia Women’s Center last week.

Kesto presented the video evidence to the Phoenix Police Department, but they claimed they didn’t have enough evidence to arrest Yunis despite the footage clearly showing a brandished gun, which was later confirmed by several other law enforcement officials.

Pastor Jeff Durbin of Apologia Church, which organized the pro-life demonstration, expressed his disappointment in the police for failing to initially arrest Yunis.

“No basis under law to pull out a weapon and point it at somebody,” Durbin said.

“To be fair, if one of our people out here had brandished and pulled a weapon on the abortionist, I would expect the person to be arrested and I want the same for him,” he added.

However, the police eventually arrested Yunis on Friday following public outcry and attempted to justify their delay on Facebook.

“The suspect’s identity had not been confirmed at that point and officers determined that any immediate threat no longer existed as the suspect had left the location,” the Phoenix Police Department said in a Facebook post.

“At this point, the investigative process began, focused on gathering interviews and evidence while protecting the rights of all the individuals. The goal of this process is to determine if there is enough probable cause to make an arrest.”

Yunis was booked into the Maricopa County jail and is facing charges of aggravated assault.




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