Alex Jones confronted the mainstream media at a Senate committee hearing who’ve been lobbying to have him deplatformed from the Internet.

Jones in particular pointed out how subjective Big Tech is when enforcing its “terms of service,” especially when it comes to Peter Fonda practically getting a “free pass” after he called for President Trump’s son to be caged with pedophiles on Twitter.

Fonda apologized for the incident, but conservatives have been banned off social media for far less and the Fonda incident is simply one example out of numerous others in which liberals do and say things on social media without fear of being deplatformed.

And the mainstream media cheerleads for this behavior.

“Simultaneously, four major tech giants in 24 hours admitted they colluded – violated Sherman Anti-Trust Act II at the bare minimum – to deplatform me from more than 20 million subscribers total, people who chose to go click, link and listen to what I was saying and what I was doing,” Jones said in response to one reporter’s question. “What they told 20 million subscribers is ‘you can’t go listen to Alex Jones anymore.’”

The video below is worth watching from the very beginning:

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