Weeks before protests in Ferguson broke out, Infowars and Alex Jones produced reports detailing how the military was specifically training for civil unrest in black communities.

Our reports centered around a FEMA training video that surfaced in late April, depicting black men tipping over a car and setting it on fire, and men dressed in military uniforms detaining black females in a martial law scenario.

“The sight of National Guard troops training to detain Americans in prison camps is unlikely to quell concerns that authorities are preparing for domestic disorder,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote last month on July 17.

Fast forward three weeks and Ferguson, Missouri, is nearly in the exact same situation, as militarized cops rain tear gas and rubber bullets on demonstrators who violate curfew, and as Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon deploys the National Guard to a town whose population is nearly 70 percent black.

While the out-of-control militarization of police is a clear and present danger to all Americans, not just black people, the corporate media’s augmentation of the racial aspects of the story fans the flames of racial division and pours gas on a circumstance already fraught with racial tensions.

But bringing down the hammer on citizens seeking redress of their grievances can only result in further violence, and will only breed a hatred of police among the public, further nurturing an “us versus them” mentality that will be responded to with brute force.

What is truly at the heart of this is to gradually roll out martial law by acclimating the public to the idea that the military must be present during legitimate demonstrations. The show of force simultaneously imposes a chilling effect on free speech, the right to peaceably assemble and freedom of the press.

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