Radio and TV host Alex Jones appeared on Thursday’s edition of the Alex Jones Show with a completely shaven head and a fiery announcement that he is now “in war mode.”

“And that’s how Poland survived a thousand years of invasion,” Jones said. “You either start protecting yourself, or you die. You either fight, or die!”

“And that’s why, folks, there’s a lot of changes around here, because I am in war mode,” Jones continued,  referencing his freshly-shaven visage.

The InfoWars founder continued, “And nobody in a fight is going to grab me like a woman by the hair and slam my head into the ground like I’m a b*tch. They’re going to get nothing but pure war, because the season of war is now upon us. Information war, culture war, spiritual war.”

Video of Jones’ proclamation quickly gained traction on social media.

Twitter users in the comments were energized by Jones’ remarks, with the top reply  being simply, “LET’S GOOOOO.”

“That’s the spirit of 2020,” another user wrote.

Dr, Francis Boyle joins The Alex Jones Show to expose the coronavirus as an offensive bioweapon.

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