Prankster Mark Dice’s latest video proves that Americans have absolutely no idea about the value of precious metals. Asked if they would like to purchase a 10oz silver bar worth $160 for just ten bucks, every single one refused.

What makes the footage even more jaw-dropping is that Dice was stood feet away from a coin shop, where anyone could have immediately walked in and exchanged the bar for sixteen times its purchase price.

One man refused to buy the bar for 99 cents an ounce, joking that he had too many laying around the house, while another wasn’t interested even after Dice offered to get it valued by the coin shop.

Another woman wasn’t interested in buying the bar for 99 cents, over $159 dollars less than its value, saying she had better things to spend her money on. Someone else even refused to trade the bar for a piece of gum, while a third woman didn’t want to make the trade for a $1.99 noodle bowl.

“I don’t know what that is, man,” said another individual, who just by coincidence paid $160 for his headphones.

Another woman then refuses to trade her half drunk Starbucks for the silver bar, complaining that it’s “not very attractive.”

“If you buy it do you, like, win something?” asks another young woman, before being told the bar is worth $160.

This isn’t the first time Dice has illustrated the staggering ignorance of Americans when it comes to bullion. In previous videos he was unable to give away for free a one ounce gold coin worth over $1000.

If the warnings of numerous economic experts about an imminent financial crash are true, silver bullion may about to become a lot more popular, but on this evidence the vast majority of Americans won’t be moving into precious metals any time soon.

And just in case you haven’t had your fill of herp derp, watch the video below.

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