Clueless Americans signed a fake petition calling for a ban on physical cash in favor of digital currency, in a recent video from social commentator Mark Dice.

“People are using cash to buy things and we’re not able to track them and trace them, and so it’s time to move to an all-digital currency,” Dice explained to one man who had already begun signing the petition.

Indeed, most beachgoers displayed little hesitation in signing their names and birthdates to the petition seeking to bring about a cashless society.

With little effort, Dice was even able to garner a man’s signature despite him having reservations about how the move to digital cash would hinder his purchasing power.

“Just to help move America forward,” Dice encouraged the man, who was already signing the petition. “Just to help keep everybody safe. This will help to encourage everyone’s purchases are tracked and traced and databased just to make sure they’re not buying things they shouldn’t be buying.”

“Well, maybe I like buying things I shouldn’t be buying,” the man told Dice after he’d already signed the petition.

“Well, we’re gonna put an end to that,” Dice tells the man, who walks away and acknowledges by saying, “OK.”

“Trying to move to a cashless society for the New World Order,” Dice tells another signatory, whose friend eagerly waits to sign.

The move to a cashless society has accelerated alongside the prevalence of smart phones, with some experts predicting phone payments to replace cash within a decade.

As documented by Infowars editor Paul Joseph Watson, governments across the globe have also done their part to lead their populations toward a one-world currency.

– France introduced laws last year which restrict French citizens from making cash payments over €1,000. Italy, Russia, Spain, Mexico, and Uruguay have all introduced similar laws that ban cash payments over a certain amount.

– Earlier this week, the ECB Council voted to scrap the €500 bill, a decision that would reduce the amount of physical cash in circulation by around 30%, despite the fact that such a move “would be negative for the currency,” according to a Bank of America analysis.

– Last month, Norway’s biggest bank DNB called for eliminating cash to “cut down on black market sales and crimes such as money laundering.”

– In August last year, the Financial Times published an editorial which called for the abolition of cash altogether to, “Make life easier for a government set on squeezing the informal economy out of existence.”

– At a secretive meeting in London last year, Kenneth Rogoff of Harvard University and Willem Buiter, the Chief Economist at Citigroup met with top central bankers to discuss phasing out cash.

– Former Bank of England economist Jim Leaviss penned an article for the London Telegraph last April in which he said a cashless society would only be achieved by “forcing everyone to spend only by electronic means from an account held at a government-run bank,” which would be, “monitored, or even directly controlled by the government.”

– The ultra-powerful Bilderberg Group also discussed the agenda to ban cash during its 2015 confab in Austria, a conference attended by numerous prominent bankers.

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