Activist Mark Dice, who routinely exposes the increasingly worrying stupidity of the nation at large, told a bunch of beach goers that “singing stripper” Beyonce had called for repealing the First Amendment, then asked them if they agreed with her. Everyone he interviewed bar one person said they did.

Falsely stating that Beyonce had performed a big concert at an annual secret Bohemian Grove gathering, knowing full well that virtually no one would have a clue what that is, Dice also claimed that Beyonce had called for limiting freedom of speech in order to temper racism.

Of course, this is all pure BS that almost anyone would realise is farcical – that is, if they used their brain at all.

However, almost every single person Dice spoke to not only unquestioningly accepted that Beyonce had said those things, they then said that they AGREED with her and that other people should jump on board with the movement.

“Absolutely, people listen to her, she definitely has a voice around everybody,” one woman said when Dice asked if Americans should heed her call to repeal the First Amendment.

“So that’s the right idea, you think… to repeal the First Amendment?” Dice asked the woman for clarification.

“Yeah, it gets people thinking. I like it.” the woman immediately replied without realizing the devastating irony in her answer.

Speaking with another woman, Dice asked if everyone should support Beyonce’s plan to repeal the First Amendment.

“Of course,” she replied, adding that “racism still hasn’t changed much,” and agreeing that free speech “facilitates that”.

“Let’s go with it!” another person told Dice when he asked them if it was time to scrap the Bill of Rights at Beyonce’s behest. “She probably knows what’s best,” Dice deadpanned.

Another shifty looking character clearly had no clue what the First Amendment even was, and essentially just repeated back what Dice said to him, claiming that without Beyonce’s plan “there’s a lot of violence.”

The guy then looked utterly confused when Dice told him he disagreed and explained that the Bill of Rights is the foundation of freedom in America.

“Ok, well I think she should because other than that, people think alike, so maybe so,” the guy nonsensically replied.

“So you disagree with me and agree with Beyonce?” Dice asked.

“Yeah pretty much,” the guy answered.

Only one person Dice encountered realized how ridiculous what he was saying was, “No, dude, I don’t give a sh*t what she has to say,” the man stated, adding “Is she really the person that should be on the forefront of fighting racism?”

“So you mean you wouldn’t mindlessly believe anything that she has to say?” Dice asked.

When the guy confirmed that he would not, Dice told him that he’d “been trying to find someone like you.”

“Someone normal you mean?” the guy balked.

“Unfortunately mentally enslaved moron is the new normal,” Dice quipped, telling the man “thank you for thinking.”

Dice’s findings highlight how many Americans are completely brainwashed, particularly by celebrity culture – indicating just how dangerous it can be when celebrities, whether knowingly or ignorantly, really get behind issues that are detrimental to our fundamental rights.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

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