Mothers whose children died at the hands of illegal aliens detailed their frustration with Obama-era immigration policies, in a new documentary video from The Daily Caller.

Angel moms Mary Ann Mendoza and Michelle Root discuss how Donald Trump, even before he was the GOP nominee, told them he would make their plight a focus of his campaign, when President Obama ignored their letters and requests.

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“In 2016, he [Trump] was not even the nominee when my daughter was killed. So for him to take the time to want to meet with us and discuss our daughter’s situation meant the world to us,” Root said, commenting on how Trump talked to her about her daughter Sarah’s story.

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President Trump frequently recognizes “Angel Families,” as they have been dubbed, as examples of why immigration enforcement and border security must be strengthened to protect Americans.

“We are gathered today to hear directly from the AMERICAN VICTIMS of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION,” Trump tweeted in June, when Democrats were attacking the president’s immigration policies. “These are the American Citizens permanently separated from their loved ones b/c they were killed by criminal illegal aliens. These are the families the media ignores.”

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