A newly uncovered video out of Anaheim, California shows a Hispanic woman wearing a “Make America Mexico Again” hat spitting on an Asian-American Trump supporter after he asserts that he loves his country.

Small knot of anti-Trump demonstrators jawing with slightly larger group of pro-Trump demonstrators.

A video posted by Matt Pearce (@mattdpearce) on

The clip shows a group of Asian-American Trump supporters wearing American flag regalia walking to the convention center to hear Trump’s speech. They are pursued and harassed by a Hispanic woman who is also recording them on her cellphone.

“Just ’cause I love my country doesn’t mean I’m ignorant,” says one of the Asian-Americans.

“You’re fucking terrible and you’re [unintelligible] bro,” the woman responds. “You act like you’re with us and you’re against us bro, that’s so sad.”

After the man points at the woman’s camera, she launches a huge glob of spit in his direction.

“That’s battery,” he says.

“Yeah,” she responds.

The video began circulating after it was shared on Instagram by Los Angeles Times reporter Matt Pearce.

“Spitting on someone is considered battery in California, it’s punishable by up to a $2,000 fine and six months in prison,” points out Chris Menahan. “There’s no indication the woman faced any repercussions for her criminal act.”

The video once again illustrates how vile and unhinged the anti-Trump crowd really is. Imagine if a Trump supporter had spat at an African-American Hillary supporter – it would be a national news story – and yet this passes with barely a whimper of attention.

Spitting in people’s faces is a favored tactic of the left. We have documented numerous instances of anti-Trump agitators behaving in this manner over the past few months, including someone who identified as transgender spitting at a Trump supporter in Portland, and a ‘Black Lives Matter’ protester spitting in a Trump supporter’s face during an event in Albany, New York.


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