Video from protests that took place outside the Deploraball in Washington DC last night shows an Antifa demonstrator sucker punching a Trump supporter in the face.

The clip shows Trump supporter James Allsup having a reasoned debate with another protester before a masked Antifa agitator starts shoving him from behind.

The agitator then steals Allsup’s had and he gives chase. Another protester then comes from nowhere to sucker punch Allsup in the face, although the punch was so weak that it caused little injury.

“A masked protester tried to steal my MAGA hat,” said Allsup on YouTube. “I caught him, his buddy sucker punched me in the face, and his buddy got tasered and arrested.”

The video once again underscores how Antifa anarchists, who call themselves “anti-fascists,” behave like fascists towards anyone who disagrees with them.

When Infowars’ Owen Shroyer attempted to engage the protesters in a debate, all they could resort to was mindless repetitive chants and racially demonizing Shroyer because he was white.

Another clip shows the mob becoming aggressive towards police while cussing and sticking their middle fingers in the air.

Other images show Allsup bleeding from the head after he was attacked in a seperate incident by an Antifa anarchist with a flag pole.

As the Daily Mail reports, some of the agitators were pepper sprayed by police as the situation became chaotic.

However, the anarchists failed to infiltrate the Deploraball itself and commit violent attacks as they had planned to do before being exposed by Project Veritas and James O’Keefe.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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