An alleged carjacker was shot and subdued by a Georgia man last week as he attempted to steal a woman’s vehicle.

After hearing a woman scream, the armed man sprang into action last Friday as the suspected car thief attempted to flee the scene with the vehicle’s owner clinging to the hood.

Surveillance video of the incident reveals that a van full of teenagers dropped off the suspected carjacker just moments before approaching the woman.

After gaining access to the vehicle, the suspect immediately attempted to leave the property, prompting the woman to dive onto her hood.

Eyewitness reports indicate that the alleged thief then began “picking up speed,” placing the woman in grave danger.

“Something could have happened because she wasn’t letting go until that car would have threw her off,” eyewitness Arthur Lee told reporters.

Another eyewitness, Tasha Orr, says the armed man, now being called a hero, undoubtedly saved the woman’s life.

“She would have died,” Orr said. “If that guy didn’t shoot, she probably would have ended up losing her life.”

After being treated at the Kennestone Hospital, the suspect was charged with aggravated assault and theft by taking motor vehicle. The alleged accomplices, who escaped in the van only moments later, have yet to be found according to police.

Despite often receiving minimal media coverage, incidents such as these continue to highlight the effectiveness of a responsibly armed citizenry.

Just last month a man carrying a concealed firearm was praised for saving the lives of several people in Philadelphia after killing a gunman shooting at customers in a barbershop.

A Houston-area man similarly used a concealed weapon to hold two gunmen on the floor after an attempted robbery at a seafood restaurant last January.

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