Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes threatened lawsuits against authoritarian governors waging war against the public’s civil liberties amid the coronavirus lockdown, prompting one governor to reverse course.

Barnes appeared on Fox News’ “Watter’s World” on Saturday to discuss how these tyrannical governors such as Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer were violating civil liberties, and what legal consequences could befall them should they decide not to roll back their unconstitutional policies.

“There is no emergency exception to the Bill of Rights,” Barnes said. “And so we have brought suit on behalf of people whose right to peaceably assemble, whose rights of their business and their profession and their occupation has been stripped of them without due process of law, and their property taken away without just compensation as required under the First and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution.”

Following his interview, Barnes reported that one such politician has told him he would reverse his anti-First Amendment policies immediately.

“Word got back to a certain politician about my appearance tonight about a lawsuit being filed against him, as discussed tonight on @JesseBWatters show @WattersWorld, and it appears he is going to reverse his policies right away to protect First Amendment rights in his city,” he tweeted.

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