Dan Siegel is a lawyer representing Eric Clanton, known as the “bike lock basher”, who allegedly assaulted a Trump supporter by hitting him in the head with a metal bike lock at a Berkeley, California free speech rally.

A group of protester trolls brought a Kekistan flag, a fictional territory popularized on the website 4chan, to Clanton’s recent court hearing and Siegel told the press it represented the KKK.

The group who brought the flag began laughing when Siegel said this and sarcastically asked him if the Hispanic and Asian members of their group looked like KKK members.

After being told exactly what the Kek flag actually represents, Siegel continued to push the lie that KKK flags were being flown when he appeared on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Infowars and 4chan can be proud that they were almost exclusively responsible for the bike lock attacker’s arrest after a Millie Weaver report sparked 4chan users to search for the identity of the masked thug.

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