A black man in Charlotte offering “free hugs” schooled aggressive ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters who turned on him after he dared to make the point that not all police officers are murderers.

The clip begins with the man hugging a white police officer, who thanks him. In the background, ‘Black Lives Matter’ protesters immediately begin to cuss and complain.

The man then embraces an African-American officer as the profane insults in the background continue.

“You a pussy, nigga!” one man yells.

“It’s not like that,” explains the “free hugs” man.

The irate protester begins screaming incoherently, before “free hugs” man responds, “Did he kill somebody?” pointing at the white officer.

“Did he kill somebody?” the man repeats, pointing at the African-American officer.

He then goes on to make an excellent point, which is that ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists always complain about others stereotyping all black people as criminals, but then are perfectly willing to stereotype all cops as racist murderers.

“We cannot say that every cop is bad, none of these people here shot anyone!” he tries to explain to a woman, who continues to scream at him while demanding he remove his “free hugs” t-shirt.

“The thing is, I see them as human beings just like I see everybody on this side as human beings,” he tells another protester, before adding, “This uniform doesn’t make him a robot, just like your skin color doesn’t make you a criminal.”

“This man gave me a hug,” he states, pointing at the police officer, “and this man wants to fight me because of that,” he adds, pointing at a ‘Black Lives Matter’ protester.

“How does that make sense? Spreading more hate into the world, that’s what’s frustrating me,” the man concludes.

The video is a refreshing example of how not all black people are fooled by the divisive, race-baiting rhetoric spewed by George Soros-funded ‘Black Lives Matter’ agitators.

You can see more examples of that in the video below.


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