A viral video that shows two black men harassing a confused Japanese tourist for using the word “nigger” has been panned by African-Americans as an example of how some black people are oversensitive about the controversial word.

The video, which was uploaded to the World Star Hip Hop website, has over 250,000 views and 7,000 comments. It was originally published by a group called Saneter TV.

It shows two men quizzing the woman, who lives in France and is on vacation, as to why she used the word “nigger,” to which she responds, “Only because of rap songs.”

One of the men then grills her on “history” before the woman is asked to address a young black boy by the word “nigger”.

“Im not buying it that she don’t know what nigger means,” asserts one of the men, before the woman responds, “I never called someone a nigger.”

The woman is then called a “slick devil” and a “liar” before the man begins yelling at her again.

“You can’t call no motherfuckers in France niggers because they will beat your ass,” shouts the man, before ordering the woman not to use the word again and telling her to “get the fuck out of here.”

Respondents to the video, the vast majority of whom are African-Americans, remarked at how overbearing and aggressive the two men were towards the woman, who genuinely seemed to have no clue about the connotations of using the n-word.

“She wasn’t trying to be disrespectful or hateful. It looked like she might of even been happy they were giving her attention until the last guy went off on her,” stated one.

“Honestly I don’t think she knew it was hurtful,” added another. “Now by him speaking to her like that instead of calmly educating her just put a bad image of the black man in her head and she will teach that to her children.”

“She was obviously confused and he was outta pocket for how he dealt with her. Our culture is not their culture,” remarked another respondent.

As Mark Dice recently highlighted, while white people are huge fans of hip-hop music, which is replete with uses of the n-word, they’re afraid to sing along with such lyrics in public.


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