Amidst the chaos in Baltimore, one proud American decided enough was enough and stepped in front of police lines to confront and shame hoodlum rioters into going home.

CNN cameras captured the man, a Vietnam veteran named Robert Valentine, taking a stand against the violent thugs the media ludicrously continues to refer to as ‘protesters’.

“I’ve seen violence… They need to have their butts at home. They need to be in their home units with their families studying and doing something with their life.” Valentine told the reporter.

The rioters, described as ‘children’, by CNN reporter Joe Johns, taunted Valentine, and hurled rocks and bricks at him and the police.

Valentine stood his ground, however, gesticulating back and yelling at the rioters to go home.

Valentine said he was “Just a soldier” standing up for his city and his country against those who wish to tear it down.

“I did 30 years, okay, came out a Master Sergeant.” Valentine said. “‘I’ve seen more than all this. I’ve been through the riots already.” he added.

“I love my country. I love my Charm City. I’m not black, white, red, yellow or nothing,” the brave veteran added.

Valentine added the rioters and looters are “do not respect this young man’s death,” referring to 25-year-old Freddie Gray, who died following a brutal an altercation with police last week.

Valentine’s actions were lauded on social media, and he was widely praised:

Of course, the US government and the DHS would have Americans believe that veterans like Valentine constitute one of the biggest threats to their safety and to society in general.

Others who understand that mindless rioting will only give police more incentive to crack skulls, have also been taking a stand and attempting to stop the chaos.

video has surfaced of another man brave man stepping in between police and rioters in an attempt to prevent violence.

‘Don’t! Do not give them reason,’ the man can be heard telling the crowd. “You can’t give them reason! Listen to me, do not give them a reason.”

It is clear that the majority of the so called ‘protesters’ are very young disaffected people who simply want to cause trouble and damage property. These people are causing the very serious issue of police brutality to become an afterthought.

One child was seen being reprimanded by his mother for taking part in the mob violence.

He was then shamed as he followed her home down the street, presumably with his pocket money for this week being suspended.

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