One migrant trying to get to America is thankful to Mexico and the media for “security” during his trek.

TRT World traveled with a group from Central America through Mexico and one man walking along a highway was appreciative for the help.

“First, we want to go to Tijuana,” he said.

“And we thank Mexico for your help, and the journalists. It gives us security,” he added.

TRT World showed migrants chasing trucks, trying to snag a ride. More video showed men pouring off a trailer truck that had come to a stop.

The news service gushed over the caravan, saying “the men move faster, determined to keep going, even though they’re tired, hungry and fed up with it all.”

The video shows hitchhikers yelling as passing motorists refusing to stop to pick them up.

A Honduran man left his family behind as he seeks to make it to America.

“I want to travel to the USA to get any job to send money to my family. We don’t have anything,” he told TRT World.

A woman who undoubtedly was intending to give birth to her baby in America instead did so when she was stuck in a Mexico migrant camp.

Sky News reports an El Salvadorean woman gave birth to a baby during the trek to America.

The woman reportedly traveled over 1,000 miles to get to America, but her journey was interrupted when entrance into America was blocked, forcing the mother and thousands of others to camp out in Tijuana, Mexico.

Sky showed the mother and baby in a hospital receiving treatment. She was trekking to America to escape the “threat” of gang violence in her home country.

According to the British news service, there are thousands of Central Americans “stuck” in the camp, awaiting entry into America.

Half of the occupants are children, according to Sky, which showed one of them coughing.

“We’ve potentially got a real humanitarian crisis brewing here,” Dr. Allen Keller said, “because they’ve been marching or walking very long ways, but they’ve come to the end of that road.”

He said the camp could become “very overcrowded” as more migrants arrive in Tijuana.

Sky reports conditions in the camp are getting worse as more are showing up, causing food lines.

“People just won’t stay here living in these conditions,” Sky reporter Stuart Ramsay said.

One woman was complaining about the treatment she’s receiving from the country she’s invaded.

The woman held up a box of prepared meal for a TV camera, calling it pig food.

“The food that they’re handing out here is terrible,” the migrant complained.

“Refried beans? As if they were feeding the pigs. If we don’t eat this, we will die of hunger.”

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