“Is Buzzfeed going to make something up? No, they’re not a right-wing publication,” The Young Turk’s Cenk Uygur declared Friday after reading Buzzfeed’s “bombshell” report claiming Donald Trump told Michael Cohen to lie to congress.

“Can they get something wrong? Sure, of course, anybody can get something wrong — but this is a huge, huge deal and am I vouching for Buzzfeed,” Uygur said.

“So how do I know that BuzzFeed got the story right?” he said. “On a couple of fronts, first of all they talked to a couple of sources that have this information that are in the federal government.”

“They’re not going to make up that they have federal government sources if they don’t,” Uygur said. “And why would those government sources put this out there if it isn’t true?”

He went on to say Trump’s going to “resign” because the government will threaten to put all his kids in prison.

“Ladies and gentlemen we’re really, really close. We almost got them.”

The Special Council’s office debunked the story hours later.

In a new clip, a Buzzfeed reporter tells CNN that he has not seen any evidence proving Trump colluded with Russia. Owen breaks down leftist insanity.

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