CNN, currently engaged in a battle to actually ban the term ‘fake news’ because it has become synonymous with it, last night conducted a panel debate on whether the President can ascertain reality at all.

Anderson Cooper suggested that Trump can persuade himself of falsehoods if he doesn’t like certain realities.

Cooper cited the infamous Access Hollywood tape, which CNN says, without verification, that Trump recently suggested may have been doctored.

Cooper noted that it “defies common sense” that Trump would talk about the “Access Hollywood” tape again, of course, there is no actual evidence that he did.

Cooper’s guest, former Clinton adviser David Gergen suggested that Trump may be living in an “alternative reality”:

“The degree to which he may be living occasionally in an alternative reality is very disturbing because it is so important when a president is there, making decisions about war or peace and other very significant decisions,” Gergen said.

“If he’s not quite sure what’s real and what’s not, that has serious implications for the safety and security of the country.” Gergan added.

Gergan further claimed that Trump has previously refuted provable facts.

“He changes his mind about what happens, and he actually starts believing the second version that it becomes a reality to him,” Gergen said.

“I don’t know whether he forgets what the first version was or not, but I think the real issue now is: Does he actually believe that it’s not his voice [in the tape]?” he added.

Again, the CNN report about this tape admits that the claim Trump said it was inauthentic is not verified, and that there is no proof Trump even suggested that.

Nevertheless, the CNN panel continued, with Obama administration senior adviser David Axelrod chiming in:

“I think it very well may be that he persuades himself that this is not his voice, that he persuades himself that he is the most accomplished president in his first ten months in history, that he persuades himself of these things and really believes it,” Axelrod said.

“That may be one reason why he delivers it in ways that some of his supporters find authentic—because in his mind it’s absolutely the truth, even if it’s completely contradictory to what he said before.” he added.

“I think he may persuade himself of things, as David Axelrod said, that aren’t true,” Gergen agreed. “But he persuades himself and states it categorically in various ways that it does come across as being authentic even though it is sort of like an alternative set of facts that other people don’t share.”

You cannot write this. A CNN panel having a debate about whether Trump is living in a false reality because they claim he said something when there is no proof he actually said it.

Meanwhile, the network is actively engaged in an effort to ban the term ‘fake news’.

The term has become synonymous with CNN because it led the charge to smear and discredit opponents of Hillary Clinton, right of center media outlets, and people who distrust the mainstream media, which completely backfired.

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