CNN host Brian Stelter is extremely butt hurt that the majority of Americans have a problem with trusting the media.

On his ironically named Reliable Sources show on Sunday, Stelter devoted an entire segment to complaining about how the public, in particular Trump supporters, don’t believe a word the mainstream media says.

“If you don’t believe the ‘media,’ then you probably don’t believe that the Trump administration has had a dysfunctional few months,” Stelter said, adopting an overtly lecturing tone.

“If you don’t believe the ‘media,’ you might not believe Russia’s meddling in last year’s election is a very big deal.” he continued, ignoring the total lack of evidence of any such meddling.

So in his first two sentences about how it’s wrong to label the media as ‘fake news’, Stelter pushed two pieces of fake news.

While the CNN host acknowledged that distrust in the media has been an issue much longer than Trump has been in office, he still blamed the President for it anyway.

“The President feeds that inherent distrust with tweets like this. Here he is this morning saying: ‘The fake news MSM doesn’t report the great economic news since Election Day,’” Stelter said, reading one of Trump’s tweets.

The host then whined about “how this anti-media rhetoric is having a real effect,” flashing up a recent Quinnipiac poll that found a majority of Americans feel Trump has changed Americans’ attitudes toward the media ‘for the worse’.

Calling on analyst Jeff Greenfield, the CNN host wanted to know how ‘corrosive’ Trump’s ‘anti-media campaign’ has been.

Of course, neither of them acknowledged that for well over a year, the media has been engaged in a relentless obstruction campaign against Trump. As the Media Research Center has noted, Stelter himself has openly described Trump as a ‘dictator’.

Greenfield described the growing distrust in the media as “the singular political success” Trump has had since becoming President.

“I think that has served that relentless campaign on Twitter and in his comments, fake news, fake news, fake news has been to convince that group of people that there is no such thing as a set of facts independent of your politics, and that has certainly served to continue and accelerate what you’ve talked about as a long process of declining trust in news.” he added.

Stelter concluded that those saying the media is fake are spreading a “venom,” and that the whole issue is based upon “anti-media rhetoric,” not the media, and CNN in particular, actually publishing inaccurate reports, being untrustworthy and pushing a biased agenda.

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