CNN bolstered its reputation as the most fake news network in the world this week when it carried out another of its hard hitting ‘investigations’ – this time into the truth behind Russian salad dressing.

When White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer quipped earlier in the week if the President put Russian salad dressing on his dinner the media would use it as evidence of collusion, most just acknowledged the joke and moved on.

Not CNN.

As Mark Dice explains in the video below, CNN actually carried out an investigation into Russian salad dressing.

The network actually paid a reporter to research Russian salad dressing and report back the findings.

And weren’t they devastating insights. Russian salad dressing actually comes from Nashua, New Hampshire and, according to CNN, it is actually more of a sandwich spread rather than a salad dressing.

Wow. hard hitting investigative journalism at its best.

The network also brought on the reporter at whom Spicer was directing the comments, April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks, to analyse the exchange. And yes, the conclusion this panel of experts reached was that Spicer is a SEXIST:

“He came out today in the briefing, talking about how this administration has really worked with women and women’s issues,” Ryan said, adding “But what happened to me was an incident, but there was also another story about a female reporter who was called an idiot from Politico.”

“So, it’s two women,” Ryan added, continuing “I think there was a reset moment to sift it out… we all are in there together in this mosh pit trying to ask questions. But you have to remember, this is a male-dominated town.”

Over on another fake news channel, MSNBC, the panel came up with another conclusion about Spicer stemming from the exchange with Ryan. The White House Press Secretary is also a RACIST:

“I think it was offensive. I think it was inappropriate. I think it was racist. I think it was sexist,” said Morgan State University professor and political editor for The Root Jason Johnson.

“We also have to remember that the rhetoric and the behavior of this administration from top to bottom has demonstrated a lack of respect and a lack of consideration for people of color. I’m not surprised,” Johnson added.

Yep, Spicer is racist and sexist. And that’s your evening news.

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