Liberals in the mainstream media are so deranged that they have accused the Presidential doctor, who was also Barack Obama’s physician while he was in office, of being a ‘Trump fanboy’ after declaring the president to be in good physical and mental health.

Following the announcement by Presidential Physician and Navy Rear Admiral Dr. Ronny Jackson that President Trump was in excellent condition for his age, CNN and MSNBC went off the rails with conspiracy theories.

CNN’s Don Lemon literally laughed at Dr Jackson’s analysis. “Sorry. Clean bill of health. Incredible genes, right,” he snarked at the camera:

Lemon later tried to caveat his cackling, stating “I was just chuckling at how energetic he was, not what he was saying about the president.”

His panel then went on to claim that Dr Jackson was actually LYING:

“And so, do I believe every single number there? Not exactly,” said New York Times columnist Frank Bruni.

“He seemed like a Trump fanboy if you think about it yeah,” Bruni continued.

“I just thought it was very, very telling that he explicitly said that he wasn’t going to do what he called a cognitive test, but the president wanted him to do the test and then go out and report on it. That is so, so telling,” added  CNN’s Dana Bash.

In addition to Trump’s mental health analysis, the deranged leftists also refuse to believe his physical analysis, even citing the ‘girther’ conspiracy floating around the internet.

“When he said 239 pounds — I know I’m being a ‘girther,’ but, come on,” Lemon stated.

Over on MSNBC, the Morning Joe hosts, who are to receive a ‘First Amendment Award’ for ‘Responsible Journalism’ if you can believe that, also refused to believe Trump’s medical report.

“I know somebody who is 6’3″ and weighs close to 239 pounds. And all I can tell you is this — if that’s what 239 pounds looked like — I would weigh 170 pounds. So, yes, I have great respect for people who have great respect for this doctor. But if that’s what 6’3″, 239 pounds looks like — that’s a shock to me.” said Joe Scarborough.

“I’m not sure if it makes me feel better that this doctor says he has no cognitive issues. It makes me feel worse and more worried for the country,” Mika Brzezinski chimed in, adding that “taking the doctor at his word,” his conclusions were “truly frightening.”

“We won’t question the doctor,” Scarborough added, before doing exactly that by stating “I will say on his mental sharpness, if that is in fact the case, and medically, perhaps, that is, he has shocked and surprised a lot of people who have worked around him for the past several years who have been saying that he is not.”

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