CNN reporter April Ryan, who has long been pushing the notion that President Trump is inciting violence against reporters, has claimed she has been forced to hire a bodyguard because the President’s rhetoric has led to her getting death threats.

“I’m going to say this, and I’m just going to put it as simply as I can. I blame the president for this,” Ryan claimed on Sunday.

“It is getting worse,” she said. “There is collateral damage. It affects not only the reporter but the people who are around the reporter.”

Ryan claimed “We are a part of the Constitution,” referring to reporters.

In a recent previous interview, Ryan claimed “They’ve put a target on my head…. I’ve had death threats. I’ve had craziness.”

“All I’m going to say for my safety is: I have a team.” She said, adding that the White House should be paying or her protection.

On the CNN broadcast Sunday, Ryan said she also blames Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, charging that Sanders should have taken the opportunity to square things with reporters, but has continually sided with Trump.

She “had a chance to pull back, saying we’re [not] the enemy of the people. She didn’t,” Ryan said of Sanders.

Ryan has previously claimed that Sanders wants to have a physical fight with her.

Ryan also attacked Trump for his criticism of details in negative stories continually being credited to ‘anonymous sources’

“When I report, I speak the truth,” Ryan claimed.

“And I have Republican sources who are in the inner circle, who give up the information. I don’t go in an office and go through a file cabinet. I’m given the information. Why? Because they’re whistleblowers and this administration does not like it.” she added.

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