Comedian and actor Bill Burr called out presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for being an attendee of the Bilderberg conference during a recent appearance on the Conan O’Brien show.

While discussing Donald Trump’s brazen approach to politics, Burr argued that the position of the presidency was irrelevant given the influence of special interest groups.

“I don’t think it matters who’s president,” the comedian said. “I’m one of those people.”

Pointing to the Bilderberg meetings specifically, an annual gathering of some of the most powerful people in banking, politics and industry, Burr bemoaned the fact that the former secretary of state had previously joined the confab.

“Dude, Hillary Clinton goes to those Bilderberg meetings,” he said. “That’s like the Illuminati stuff, right?”

The comedian jokingly went on to suggest Clinton had likely met with a member wearing a “goat’s head” – a possible reference to Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 film “Eyes Wide Shut” – noting the inability of the political class to truly relate with everyday Americans.

“She probably hooked up with some guy wearing a goat’s head and then she goes out on TV and she’s talking to people who drive snow plows like she can relate to them.”

Burr has long tied government and corporate corruption into his comedy routine, frequently mentioning the predatory nature of big banks.

During an appearance on Infowars in 2009, the stand up comic noted the increasingly hostile role of the banking industry in America’s financial decline.

“I’ve been watching the whole banking thing and I even say to people who aren’t into so called ‘conspiracy theories,’ after watching the banks and what they’ve done over the last couple of years, if you actually believe that the government is above them, I just don’t know what to say to you.”

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