Another melée broke out on radio row at the Republican National Convention on Thursday afternoon, and ended with comedian Jimmy Dore spitting a beverage into the face of controversial Internet talk show host Alex Jones.

The video, captured by The New American Media, shows a scuffle on the set of liberal Cenk Uygur’s YouTube show, The Young Turks. Jones “crashed” the set with his microphone, and a furious Uygur shouted, “You’re the biggest liar in the media!” Staffers shouted, “Get the fuck off the stage!” “You just want attention!” Eventually, Uygur had to be restrained from hitting Jones.

Meanwhile, Dore sneaked behind the scrum, bottle in hand, and spat in Jones’s face. Watch the video at 1:02 below:

The cameraman from The New American Media caught him in the act, but Dore had little to say — in the moment, or on Twitter. He did, however, retweet a fan who praised him for being a “firefighter”:

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