Journalist and filmmaker Ami Horowitz interviews liberals on the NYU campus to find out if they know the difference between the Democratic Party platform and the Communist Manifesto.

Horowitz presents young New Yorkers with ideological statements and asks them whether it sounds like a Democratic or Communist stance.

The young interviewees are confused by the striking similarity between the two groups and many begin to see the reality that the Democratic Party is almost perfectly aligned with Communism.

When one man has to decide which group supports the proclamation, “Disparities in wealth cannot be solved by the free market,” he wrongly answers, “Communist Manifesto,” and is shocked to find out it is from the Democratic Party.

“Really? That sounds just like the Communist Manifesto, that’s crazy.”

“They sound similar, don’t they?” asks Horowitz.

“Yeah, they do, low key,” another man replies.

The students seem uncomfortable with the Democratic Party’s alliance with Communist policies and many have clearly never thought about the comparisons.

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