A short video out of Fresno, California, shows a police officer confronting two rent-a-cops in defense of civil rights and private property.

The officer can be heard directing the security guards to leave a neighborhood resident in peace as he attempted to watch a fireworks display on his own property during the Fourth of July.

“There is a Constitution that I swear an oath to, so don’t freaking mess with it with these citizens. Do you understand me?” the officer states. “I know you aren’t subjected to the Constitution when it comes to your job, but don’t mess with it.”

“They have a right to their property,” the unidentified officer continues. “They have a right not to be searched by anybody. They have a right not to be accosted.”

“I swore an oath to the constitution, don’t mess with it,” the police officer adds in closing.

While the officer’s identity has remained anonymous, numerous Youtube commenters are praising his actions, hailing him as a model for other cops.

“The definition of a true PUBLIC SERVANT!!!!!” writes one commenter. “100% AWESOME.”

“Wish we had 10,000 more of him,” says another person.

“Wow! That’s what it should be like on every single interaction. Great job to this officer,” yet another supporter states.

The positive tone of the majority of comments, in addition to the video’s popularity, illustrates how officers well-versed in the Bill of Rights are favored by the public.

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