A video shows an Austin, Texas, police officer pepper spraying a handcuffed suspect being held in a police van.

Scroll to the 3:43 mark.

The video, shot last week at the South by Southwest Festival, shows the officer opening the door to the van and spraying the suspect in apparent retaliation for kicking the door.

“What’d I tell you about kicking the door?” The officer repeats as the suspect falls backward from the spray. “I told you.”

According to the Austin Police Dept. Policy Manual, officers may not use a chemical agent such as pepper spray “when a subject is under physical restraint unless the subject is still aggressively resisting and lesser means of controlling the subject have failed” or to “inflict undue pain on any

Additionally, the manual states that “when transporting prisoners who have been subjected to chemical agents, officers shall ensure that the prisoner stays upright with a clear airway and is not placed in a prone position to avoid possible positional asphyxia.”

The Austin Police Department has since launched an investigation into the incident.

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