The disturbing trend of police cracking down on the use of cell phones to record their actions continues with a report out of New Jersey, where a man was jumped on and attacked by several officers for attempting to film an altercation.

Aaron Bland says he was walking down a main road in Atlantic City with a co-worker, minding his own business, when a police officer pulled up beside them in a vehicle and ordered the pair to stop and answer some questions.

Bland says he politely refused and continued walking down the street, prompting officer Juliann Schewenger to jump out of the vehicle and get in Bland’s face. The cop told Bland that he looked like a suspect and demanded some ID.

Bland then began to fear for his well being and took out his phone to begin recording. The scene that followed looked like this:

Bland alleges that a swarm of cops jumped him, knocked him to the ground and attempted to cuff him.

On his YouTube Channel, where he posted the footage, Bland notes “when the light from my camera flashed on her, she attacked me. As she was attacking me and I attempted to get away from the assault I was attacked from behind , kicked, punched and wrestled to the ground by other members of the Atlantic City Police Department who are clearly visible in the video.”

“You can hear my coworker screaming and a police K-9 unit was also over my head jumping and barking.
All for walking down the street. We had committed no crime whatsoever.” Bland adds.

“We were in town to work at the Atlantic City Boat Show for our marketing company and I was hosting the event.” He further explains, adding “I was not under arrest at the time the officer attacked me. I was attacked. THEN I was placed under arrest after I had been attacked with absolutely no provocation.”

Speaking to reporters Atlantic City Police Chief Henry White defended the actions of the officers, saying

“This is at night, the officer was there by herself with two people, it’s dark out and he’s pulling out a cell phone,” White declared, insinuating that the phone could have been a weapon, a common tactic used by police as justification for use of force.

“Regardless of whether someone from the public believes they have done nothing wrong, you still have to comply with an officer’s instructions,” White said.

“He was using his cell phone to video the encounter and refusing to cooperate.” White added, as if that is a crime. An investigation into the incident is underway, according to the Police Chief.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.

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