Customers entering a Costco in Croydon, London, were surprised to be confronted with staff spraying them with disinfectant at the front door as panic increases concerning the spread of the Coronavirus.

The person who shot the video commented that shoppers ‘lined up obediently’ to be sprayed with a ‘disinfectant-like liquid’, before they were allowed access into the store:

“By time I reached the top of the line I noticed the security guard/sales assistant had a translucent canister and he was spraying everyone as they walked in.” the shopper noted.

“You would show your card and then receive a squirt of whatever was in there and then you would get a tissue.” he added.

“The liquid was more fluid than hand sanitiser and it felt more water-based, it had a smell of disinfectant.” the customer also stated.

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Costco denied the accusation, stating that staff were only spraying trolley handles, not customers.

“We are simply sanitising trolley handles in an attempt to be as proactive as we possibly can to protect our employees and our members.” a statement claimed.

With cases having reached over 100 in the UK, people are ignoring government pleas not to bulk buy tinned food, medicines and other items such as face masks and hand sanitiser.

Some stores have imposed a limit on such products.

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