A Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputy is receiving threats after he walked onto a Florida resident’s property earlier this month and shot her dog dead.

Dog owner and San Antonio, Florida, resident Cara Gloger is distraught over her pet’s death, and claims the officer that shot him shouldn’t have been there.

Gloger arrived at the location on her property on April 17 just as Sheriff’s Deputy Kerry Kempink finished shooting one of her show-dogs-in-training.

Body camera footage released last Thursday captured the encounter between Deputy Kempink and two dogs.

The 11-minute footage begins as Kempink approaches Gloger’s residence in response to a call regarding a tripped home alarm.

Kempink jumps a gate with posted signs warning, “NO TRESPASSING” and, “WARNING PROTECTED BY GUARD DOGS.”

As he approaches Gloger’s home, two dogs run at the sheriff’s deputy, who then reaches for his sidearm and shoots one of them.

A heated exchange between the homeowner and deputy follows.

“He shot my dog… they’re not even vicious,” Gloger can be heard saying.

“He came right at me, ma’am,” Deputy Kempink replies.

“No he did not,” responds Gloger.

“I got it right on camera,” the deputy says.

“He came running at you, but not to hurt you,” Gloger yells.

“He came right at me, trying to hurt me, ma’am,” the deputy insists.

An agitated Gloger then implores the officer to finish her dog off.

“Shoot him all the way and get off my property now,” Gloger said. “Shoot him all the way.”

“He’s gonna come through,” the deputy suggests.

According to WFLA, “The rottweiler can then be seen trotting around the deputy in a non-threatening manner,” however Gloger continues to demand the deputy “Shoot him all the way.”

“You want me to kill the dog?” the deputy inquires, seeking confirmation before issuing the killing blow.

“I told you not to come on my property. I’ve called a million times,” Gloger argues.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco says Deputy Kempink feels bad about the situation, but that he had no other choice.

“What else could he have done? There was two dogs there. If he tazed one dog, the other dog would attack him also. If he tried macing one, the other one is still coming. There were multiple dogs coming at him,” the sheriff said.

Sheriff Nocco said Kempink will not be reprimanded, and also condemned death threats aimed at the officer from angered animal lovers.

Gloger says the officer should have relied on less lethal methods to subdue the canine.

“There is other measures you can take besides deadly force,” Gloger said.

Others, however, say the property owner is responsible for the dog’s death, as it could possibly have survived had it been taken to a veterinarian.

“It’s clear the homeowner manipulated the situation to sue the sheriff’s dept,” says one WFLA Facebook commenter.

The Sheriff’s Office also disclosed that it had been called out to Gloger’s residence more than 30 times in the past few years, nine times because of tripped alarms, and recommended she deactivate her system to prevent future, unwelcome visits from police.

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