October 22, 2008

An exchange between then senator Fred Thompson and militiaman James Johnson on June 15, 1995, during a hearing held by the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology & Government Information.

An excerpt from the Missouri Libertarian, Issue #12, July-August 1995:

The militiamen made the excellent tactical move of bringing James Johnson, an Ohio Unorganized Militia leader and one of the founders of E Pluribus Unum, a political group, with them. Mr. Johnson is black. He stymies the tar-brush applied by government workers and “liberals” that militia groups are racist. But Mr. Johnson is an effective political militiaman in his own right. The closest that there came to be a true understanding between Senators and militiamen, government and citizen, was in the questions asked and answered between Senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee, a conservative who questioned the need for more laws and policemen, and Mr. James Johnson, militiaman.

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