CNN’s fake news king Jim Acosta asked President Trump Wednesday if he had investments in the hydroxychloroquine drug, despite the fact that the claim has been proven completely false by several fact checkers.

‘No, I Don’t. Good Question’ the President deadpan replied as he walked out of the press briefing.

The story originated with leftists online, and graduated to the New York Times this week, which published a story Tuesday reporting that Trump has a small investment in Sanofi, which makes the brand-name Plaquenil.

The implication was that Trump is pushing hydroxychloroquine because he can make money from it.

However, the investment Trump has is so small that even the uber-liberal fact checker Snopes rated the Times story “Mostly False.”

The Daily Caller noted that “Trump’s personal stake in the company is estimated to be as small as $99.”

Trump stands to gain literally hundreds of cents from the investment!

Of course, the media’s approach to anything now is ‘if orange man says it’s good, it must really be bad’.

this is nowhere more apparent than in the way the press questioned Trump over the drug, compared to how they questioned Democratic New York governor Andrew Cuomo:

Attorney General William Barr has noted that ever since President Trump endorsed the use of the anti-malaria drug to treat COVID-19 patients, the media has been on a “jihad” against it:

Acosta, who will no doubt be making an entry in his diary about the day he smashed wide open the Trump/hydroxychloroquine scandal, later appeared on CNN to complain about having to take a coronavirus test in order to be at the briefing:

What a complete clown.

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