Kurt Nimmo
October 7, 2011

In the second video below, a Dallas TV station attempts to discount the major emphasis of the protest in Dallas – and soon in Houston, San Antonio and elsewhere around the country – to End the Federal Reserve.

An on-the-scene reporter said the protest sent a “mixed message.” NBC 5 dragged out a professor who linked the Occupy the Fed in Dallas protest with the larger Occupy Wall Street protest in New York and said they have yet to make their demands known.

Now that part of the growing movement has selected a target – the very epicenter of the bankster cartel’s operation in the United States, the Federal Reserve – it will be up to a corporate media that operates as the propaganda arm of the elite to downplay and ignore the real message: the growing call to put and end to the Federal Reserve and send the international banksters scrambling.

Thankfully, a large number of people continue to tune-out the corporate media and get their news and information on the internet where – for now – truth is allowed to run free.

The NBC 5 report merely shows how desperate our rulers are to prevent the people from going after the real monster that is working to enslave them – the Federal Reserve.

This protester in New York a few days ago encapsulated the movement perfectly:

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