A Fox News reporter covering the migrant caravan making its way to the US prevented a human smuggling operation on the banks of the Rio Grande River.

Fox’s Griff Jenkins and his team were staking out a location near the river, which acts as Texas’ southern border with Mexico, when a group of people on a raft tried to come ashore.

“Yesterday, we laid in the bushes in wait and we busted one of those smuggling operations,” Jenkins reported Tuesday.

The video shows Jenkins and crew quietly observing the group, before he begins asking them questions from the US side of the river, at which point the smuggler veers toward the Mexican side of the river.

“Excuse me sir,” Jenkins tries to ask the man. “Were you trying to cross into America illegally?”

Jenkins’ footage is reminiscent of Infowars’ own footage capturing a drug smuggling operation in 2015, which helped shine a spotlight on the porous border ahead of the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump later mentioned Infowars’ footage during a campaign rally.

While the smuggler appeared to be transporting a family into the US, Jenkins also notes gangs and other sinister elements also take advantage of lax border security.

“They’re not all women and children. In the last 48 hours a man wanted for murder in South Carolina was arrested here, along with another member of the 18th street gang,” reported Jenkins.

The migrant caravan made up of mainly Honduran nationals has reportedly swelled to over 14,000 people, but is still about 1,100 miles away from the McAllen, Texas, port of entry, according to USA Today.

President Trump on Monday declared the caravan a national emergency and threatened to send troops to the border if Mexico is unable to disband the migrant wave.

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