The in depth analysis and award winning reporting that has won CNN so many fans lately continued Tuesday with a special report on how Donald Trump, over a number of years has said the word ‘stupid’.

CNN played clips from back when Trump was running in the primaries, and spliced them in with some clips from when he became president.

They also threw in some tweets from 4 or 5 years ago.

It’s pretty conclusive stuff. Trump did indeed say ‘stupid’ a bunch of times… whatever that is supposed to prove.

CNN pointed out that Forrest Gump took issue with the word, so you know, that makes Trump a bigot… or something.

File this spectacular display of journalism alongside spending a week praising the murderous North Korean regime, and attempting to convince viewers to ‘swipe left’ on Trump supporters when using dating apps.

And that was just in the past 7 days.

All of this type of spectacular reporting also has Fox News host Tucker Carlson asking ‘why are Americans being forced to watch CNN in public?’

The answer, according to Carlson, seems to be that the network is paying airports hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for their programming to be piped in.

This makes perfect sense given that its the only way people are unable to turn CNN off.

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