In an interview with Tucker Carlson, gun control advocate Joshua Horowitz, of the Executive Director for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, was unable to answer a simple question on “assault weapons,” as Carlson proved the point that more gun control laws will do nothing to reduce firearms related violence in cities like Chicago.

Horowitz failed three times to answer a question about the correlation between gun related deaths and so called ‘assault rifles’.

“On your website, one of the things you say is one of the big problems is assault rifles.” Carlson noted, then asking Horowitz “Of the 762 murders that were committed in Chicago, how many were committed with assault rifles?”

“Well, I don’t know if that’s actually from my website,” Horowitz said, backpedaling immediately.

“It is actually, I have it right here.” Carlson responded.

Horowitz then tried a second time to deflect away from the question, saying “Let me explain to you about assault weapons… Assault weapons make killing more lethal, ok. So what we have in that situation is assault weapons have more deaths per shootings.”

“They don’t necessarily cause more shootings,” he continued, still ignoring the initial question. “When you use an assault rifle in a crime, you end up with more people dead and more rounds fired.” he claimed.

Carlson returned to the issue of gun deaths in Chicago. “OK, so Chicago, there’s 762 murders last year. How many were committed with so-called assault weapons?” he again asked.

Horowitz again attempted to avoid the question, prompting Carlson to intercede “Well you run a gun control website. What’s the answer?”

“I don’t know.” Horowitz finally admitted.

The Chicago Tribune reports this week that there were a total of 779 homicides between January 1, 2016, and December 31, 2016, which is an increase of 287 homicides over 2015 figures.

There were 4,385 shootings — fatal and non-fatal combined — in gun-controlled Chicago during 2016. The figures equate to an increase of nearly 1,500 shootings over the 2,900 reported for 2015.

Carlson tried one last time to extract an answer, asking how many killings in a “city with one of the highest murder rates in the country… were committed with assault weapons?”

Horowitz AGAIN avoided the question, instead firing back “The bigger question is how many were trafficked without background checks?”

Horowitz is floating the talking point that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and others have recently re-introduced, that Chicago’s massive gun problem is actually the fault of other cities in other states where the gun laws are much less strict.

Twitter responded accordingly:

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