As The White House announced its ‘fake news awards’, Fox News’ Sean Hannity came up with the perfect moniker for the runaway winner CNN… ‘The Shithole Network’.

Hannity opened his monologue describing “the sick the twisted the mentally unstable anti-trump media again working itself into a new manufactured frenzy.”

He went on to examine how CNN had obsessed over the phrase, and mentioned it hundreds of times in just a few days.

“They rush from one fabricated meltdown to another and in the process these brain-dead so-called journalists they bounce around the same talking points in their little fake news bubble echo-chamber and it becomes a competition to see well who can say the most outlandish the most offensive the most completely false thing about President Trump.” Hannity noted.

“They’re hypnotized lobotomized robots,” Hannity said, adding “it’s sad and it’s predictable and they are not serving you the American people.”

Hannity went on to describe the ‘conspiracy theories’ peddled by CNN and others regarding Trump’s health, noting that the Presidential Doctor’s glowing report on Trump’s health was a trigger.

“It goes against everything they have all been telling themselves hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month. The press they can’t stand the fact that the president scored a perfect 34 30 on a cognitive exam, and my guess is most of the people in the media world would probably fail that test if they took it themselves.” Hannity said.

The host went on to play a series of clips of leftists in the media making insane comments about Dr Jackson’s report on the President, ranging from ‘girther’ speculation to predictions of a heart attack by CNN.

“Congratulations CNN, you’ve done more than enough to earn your new nickname: the sh-hole network/fake news network,” he concluded, censoring himself, and adding “Keep up the good work.”

The Internet approved of the new nickname:

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