During a campaign stop in Iowa, Hillary Clinton spent a lengthy amount of time attempting to sympathize with the working class, prompting detractors to point out that she has no clue what it is like to be hard up.

Clinton spoke about a working mother who has two jobs and works every hour of the day to make ends meet, as if she has any clue what it’s like to do so.

The internet pointed out that Hillary has been receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from mega banks for giving an hour of her time to them.


Others pointed out that Hillary “misplaced” $6 Billion while head of the State Department. Woops!

More critics noted it was recently revealed that the Clinton foundation collected untold millions in Sweden, mainly by tapping the government run national lottery fund, while at the same time the country lobbied Clinton to forgo sanctions against it for trading with Iran.

In addition, the Clinton Foundation routinely accepts millions of dollars from the oil and gas industry, with donations coming directly from ExxonMobil and prominent oil-producing states in the Middle East. Yet Hillary claims she has no recollection of accepting money from big oil.

Hillary also turned up at a bowling alley Wednesday… Look hard-working Americans, she’s just like you!

Last month, Clinton told CBS anchor Charlie Rose that she “represented everybody from the dairy farmers, you know, to the fishermen.”

Meanwhile, Hillary’s daughter Chelsea, who previously worked on Wall Street and is married to an investment banker, was attending a fundraiser hosted by the head of international investment bank Evercore Partners who has contributed between $10,001 and $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

The fact is that while Clinton preaches about standing “for a lot of regulation on big banks and on the financial services sector,” and drones on about wealth inequality, she is raking it in from wealthy Wall St. donors.

Clinton has received sizeable donations from officials at Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase to name a few.

A New York Times report last week detailed how the Clintons have raked in more than $125,000,000 in speaking fees since they left the White House, most of it stemming from Wall Street-linked financial firms.

The head of a major banking association predicted last year that Clinton “would become Mrs. Wall Street if she’s elected.”

Hillary regularly likes to evoke 9/11 in an effort to offset talk about her Financial sector backing… because SHUT UP, 9/11 IS BAD.

Laughably, Clinton maintained in an interview aired Wednesday that she cannot be bought by special interest groups.

In between her struggle to help the poor survive, Hillary took a swipe at gun manufacturers, tweeting out that they need to be “held accountable for endangering Americans”:


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com.

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