If this is any indication of how Hillary’s campaign views the First Amendment, then the future for free speech doesn’t look very bright.

Video shows a Hillary goon attempting to tear away a Bernie Sanders sign being held by an elderly woman.

The incident took place on Tuesday during Sanders’ endorsement of the former Secretary of State in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The footage shows a well-built man in a suit attempt to grab the sign, but the grey-haired woman pushes his hand away and holds it aloft.

The man attempts to grab the sign again as the woman swats his hand away and then for a third time, this time ripping away a corner.

Another woman wearing a Bernie Sanders t-shirt then begins to argue with the man, who appears to realize his behavior is being filmed.

The other Sanders supporter puts herself between the man and the elderly woman, acting as a human shield, and he doesn’t attempt to grab the sign again.

This is not the first time someone from Hillary’s campaign has acted aggressively towards an attendee at one of her events.

Back in February, long-time Hillary aide Huma Abedin was caught on tape shoving away a Clinton supporter who tried to hug her.


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