Folks in San Diego were shocked over the weekend when they witnessed a boat load of illegal immigrants casually stroll onto the dock at a downtown marina in broad daylight.

The illegal immigrants disappeared into vehicles awaiting their arrival, though U.S. Border Patrol officials managed to nab the brazen smugglers over a minor marine violation.

“On 10/20, in broad daylight, #maritime smugglers disembark illegal aliens in downtown #SanDiego as captured by a vigilant citizen,” CBP San Diego posted to Twitter with a video on Wednesday. “#USBP agents arrested the two smugglers after their boat collided with the dock. The aliens absconded in awaiting vehicles. #SeeSomethingSaySomething”

The 35-second clip shows a cuddy cabin cruiser backed up to a downtown dock as five people jumped from the vessel, while two others remained in the boat. The men walked up a ramp to a parking area, and the two in the boat turned back to the waterway.

Twitter user “SuperDooperTrumpTrooper” claims to have recorded the original video, which he posted with audio. The CBP video did not include the audio.

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“So i wasn’t going to post this, but since @CBPSanDiego did without editing (sound on) . This happened at the Emarcadero in San Diego port on 10/20/19. I was told the boat operator was caught. #buildthewall,” SuperDooperTrumpTrooper wrote.

“Look at all those people coming out, look!” a man exclaimed in the video. “They’re illegals!”

“No way,” a woman replied.

“I swear to God, look at all those people coming out, babe,” he said. “Look, f**king illegals. Call 9-1-1!”

“That is insane!” the woman said. “Where were all those …”

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