Illegals in New Jersey flaunted their unlawful immigration statuses outside of ICE headquarters during protests Monday over the DACA Act.

Newark police escorted a march of some 200 illegals and supporters from Rutgers University to the US Customs and Immigration Enforcement office, as protesters carried signs reading, “We are the future of America,” “Pass the Dream Act,” and, “Stop racism now.”

The “No papers, no fear” protests took place on March 5, the deadline for DACA recipients who did not apply for a renewal by October 5, 2017, after which “Dreamers” who were not granted an extension would be eligible for deportation.

President Trump indicated on Tuesday that a federal judge had ruled the DACA program, set in motion by an Obama administration memo, could legally be ended.

“Federal Judge in Maryland has just ruled that ‘President Trump has the right to end DACA.’ President Obama had 8 years to fix this problem, and didn’t. I am waiting for the Dems, they are running for the hills!” the president tweeted.

Back in September, a “DACA talking points” DHS memo obtained by CNN stated Dreamers should “use the time remaining on their work authorizations to prepare for and arrange their departure from the United States — including proactively seeking travel documentation — or to apply for other immigration benefits for which they may be eligible.”


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