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September 6, 2008

Inside Editon, Airdate: August 27, 2008  

Here, finally, is the video of the Inside Edition piece on the Michelle Malkin incident. The report does a nice job of characterizing Alex Jones as a riled up, angry man who iniated a “hatefully attack” on Malkin, while cutting off Jones’ statement before he is able to explain the reasoning behind the confrontation.

The Inside Edition crew seemed fair enough in letting Alex speak, as the live broadcast of the interview shows, yet no mention was made that the piece would be only 1:30 minutes long as the reporter collected about 5-10 minutes of statements that were edited down to a tiny soundbite.

See the live (full) interview Alex did with Inside Edition at the Archives: — Click on the 12:06pm broadcast from Aug. 27 (12th most recent link from Aug. 27)

Alex Jones discussing the interview with Inside Edition: CLICK HERE

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Despite promises to remain impartial and tell the truth about what really happened, Inside Edition unsurprisingly characterized Alex Jones’ DNC confrontation of Michelle Malkin as a “hateful attack,” while the Dallas Morning News engaged in outright libel by claiming Jones had chanted “kill Michelle Malkin,” a brazen lie that is still doing the rounds on neo-con blogs.

Alex Jones and his crew filmed their meeting with the Inside Edition team and it was broadcast live on the Internet yesterday. The Inside Edition reporters were uninterested in footage which clearly shows provocateurs completely unaffiliated with Alex Jones chanting inflammatory statements, as well as Malkin’s own photographer making a false report to Denver police claiming Jones had made death threats toward Malkin and punched her bodyguard, when her bodyguard is on tape assaulting Jones and his crew.

Inside Edition characterized the incident as a “hateful attack” on Malkin, the poor little victim, while failing to explain any of the reasons behind why Jones confronted her in the first place – namely the fact that she is an advocate of torture, runs defense for puppy killers, and argues in her own book that dissidents and other undesirables, including Arab-Americans, should be rounded up and jailed in internment camps.


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